My week in Pictures #11

The weather has been bonkers this week! Torrential rain, sunshine and hurricane winds - leaves us stuck indoors and struggling for things to do! Here's a little of what we got up to this week.

Martha May is standing confidently and she is into everything, lately getting into my bag and messing with my things.....

I love her Peppa Pig T-shirt

We played with some new bubbles that my mum bought that actually have her name on!



We went to Aberystwyth and wandered around our old uni campus, things have changed a little; we went for lunch at the Art Centre....

Laughing with Mama

Laughing with Mama

Aled makes awesome pancakes and this week he made these beauties - oh so delish!

Banana Pancakes with blueberries and Maple syrup....

See you for the vlog at 6pm on Sunday!

Stay happy!