What motherhood has taught me

I have been feeling very anxious lately; I know it's because my maternity leave will soon be coming to an end and I will return to work. That in itself is daunting enough, but leaving my baby for the first time when we haven't spent more than an hour apart since I had her, is the part that makes my heart race just thinking about it. As our time together draws to a close and a new chapter is looming, I have felt somewhat reflective of the past 6 months. I could write about the more serious aspects of what I have learnt, but instead found myself pondering over some of the less expected skills I have developed since becoming a mummy. You know, the ones no one tells you about.......

So here is what motherhood has taught me:

  • I am thoroughly capable of performing most tasks one handed (with baby in the other)
  • I can shower, dress, sterilise bottles, make beds etc in a 30 minute nap slot - who knew how much could be achieved in such a short space of time when you no longer have baby attached to you?
  • I am so much stronger than I thought - through many a sleepless night I have said I can't keep doing this, but somehow you can, you do, you find the energy somewhere to just keep going......
  • I get ridiculously excited about baby things, more so than buying anything for myself
  • Regardless of how little sleep a baby has had they still give you the early morning wake up call, sleeping in no longer exists
  • Who knows why, but babies have a sense of liberation when their nappy is removed and often enjoy taking a wee at that exact moment
  • There are days you just can't seem to get anything done, you sit down at the end of the day utterly exhausted but not really sure what you did!
  • I have developed a sixth sense - I am awake just before she wakes and I always know when she's up to something.

What has motherhood taught you? Do you have any funny stories to share?

Stay happy mamas!