iAnchor Car Seat Review

A milestone was recently reached here at Mama and Baby Bear, which made my 'emotional mummy' side almost have a moment; Martha outgrew her baby car seat. To be fair, we have had a very good run, Martha has always been very small and so we have certainly had our money's worth from the Maxi Cosy. So inevitably, the search began for a new seat and once again, I found myself deeply lost in the confusing, yet undeniably alluring world of baby products. Seriously, I used to look at handbags; these days pushchairs, changing bags and car seats send me a little giddy!

When it comes to finding a carseat, there is of course, the added worry over safety. As a parent you want a product that is as unfussy as physically possible (we have enough to concern ourselves with, without losing it over the installation of a carseat!) and yet I still love a good design and something that looks nice!

Enter the mothership of carseats......

This is very cosy!

Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge how stylish and might I add incredibly cozy this looks?!

The iAnchor seat from Joie Baby is such a versatile seat, that caters for your little one from newborn to approximately 4 years. The heavily padded insert for newborns, is easily removed when necessary and the headrest adjusts, to grow with your child. The seat enables you to rear face for longer and with the simple press of a button under the seat, it can be switched to front face. It also boasts an impressive seven reclining positions. As with the Joie pushchair (review here) it comes with the Joie Baby 5 point harness, which is an absolute breeze to fasten; the straps are very cushioned and are easily adjusted. 

Just relaxin' in my new ride.....

The seat comes with the iAnchorFIX base, which bolts the seat on solidly and for reassurance has 3 colour indicators, so you can see when you have attached it correctly. The leg of the base also contains shock absorption layers, to keep the chair secure. This is also supported by the steel reinforced shell and rebound bar, making the chair extremely safe should there be a collision. 

The seat itself is layered with memory foam; the thick padding covers the sides and headrest making it very protective and extremely cozy. Up until recently, Martha had stopped falling asleep in the car and had become very fussy.  When we took our new seat for a spin, she was utterly delighted to be sat forward facing, shortly after she fell asleep and snored her little head off! See the latest vlog for the live snoring action and to see us using the seat.

The seat comes in an array of beautiful colours, I chose 'liquorice' for a more simple and streamlined look. 

Off on a jaunt with our new seat....

 Once again, I find myself completely reassured and impressed with Joie Baby, they seem to effortlessly combine stylish design with practicality. The most impressive aspect of this particular product has to be it's versatility; Mummy is happy with the safety aspect and Baby is most definitely happy with how comfortable it is (now can you make one for adults please?! this sleep deprived Mama needs a nap!)

The iAnchor was kindly sent for consideration. I was not paid or sponsored for this review and as always all opinions are my own.

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You've changed....

I have it's true! Before baby, life was a fast paced combination of work, Aled, jumping on the train and going off for adventures, saving for holidays, plentiful bank accounts and shopping. A baby is a whirlwind in your life; most days you end the day thoroughly exhausted and not entirely sure what you did. Gone are the days of late night too many glasses of wine followed by all day box sets. Gone are the days of going off for day long shopping trips or frequent spending. These days I find myself so stretched between work and mummy life, I barely have the energy to make it past 9pm.

My idea of a perfect day has changed and so has my outlook generally; whenever I find myself mourning our finances and the cuts we have had to make I remember that Martha is here, that that is miraculous and she makes me so completely happy. When I worry about work, it usually fades when I pick Martha up and remember that there is something in my life which makes everything else seem so very small.

Now I love nothing more than long walks, feeding the ducks, playing together and packing up the car for a little adventure. Which instead of shopping involves fresh air, a little lunch and somewhere that we all find more relaxing. Here are a few pictures from one of our little family excursions to Shrewsbury together.

We wandered round the Market Square and watched these street performers collecting for Comic Relief...

We wandered through all the tiny lanes, escaping the busy town centre to sit near the Cathedral gardens with a hot chocolate, while Martha enjoyed her milk...

We stopped for lunch at a local cafe; there was tea and of course a massive BLT sandwich!

The view from our table was so idyllic...

I bought Martha this gorgeous little bobble hat that when I got to the till had been reduced to £1! Afterwards, we went to Sainsbury's to pick up a few bits and Martha was delighted to sit in the trolley...

Martha has changed me; I am more patient, more loving and happy than I have been before. Days spent wandering around with the pushchair, looking for a quiet spot and watching the world go by is now my idea of a perfect day. Becoming a mummy did take away a large part of me but what it gave me will stay forever.

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Thanks for everything!

It's Mothering Sunday today, so I thought I'd write a post on here on how much Martha and I appreciate what Heather does for us, and why Mothers' day isn't (or shouldn't be) just another of those days card companies make money from. I know that we should show how much we appreciate our mums all the time, and certainly our wives, but I like to take the opportunity on Mothers' day to treat Heather (on behalf of Martha and myself) in recognition of all she does for us. 

Heather works so hard, both professionally as well as for the family. She puts so much effort into this blog as well as her Vlog. She does all of this, not for herself but for others, the blog gives her such joy when other mums comment; she simply loves the idea that she is giving something back after discovering such a supportive community of online mums. As for the vlog, this is mainly done for posterity. She works hard to document our lives so that we have something to look back on and for Baby B to cherish when she's older. 

So this is for Heather, and all hard working Mums out there; without you life would be impossible! 

Please leave a comment below on why you're thankful for you mum (and/or wife).

Happy Mothers' day to all mums!


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MyWeek in Pictures 9/3/15

This week we went to Aberystwyth to try out a new car seat. Baby B can now see everything going on in her front facing seat.  It was a lovely sunny day and relatively warm - Spring is on its way! Baby B also enjoyed the fact that we've brought her pink castle ball pool back out, we can't get her out of it! And she found that a pencil can make lovely patterns on paper this week. And she's found that a shopping bag can be comfortable to sit in.

This week we went to Aberystwyth to try out a new car seat. Baby B can now see everything going on in her front facing seat.  It was a lovely sunny day and relatively warm - Spring is on its way! Baby B also enjoyed the fact that we've brought her pink castle ball pool back out, we can't get her out of it! And she found that a pencil can make lovely patterns on paper this week. And she's found that a shopping bag can be comfortable to sit in.

Spring Baby Girl Haul

Despite the bonkers weather (please see the vlogs for the bizarre hailstone storms I've been getting battered with, every day this week!) I can see a lone daffodil at the back of our garden and though it may be struggling in this wintery weather, it fills me with hope. I long for the warm hazy days of summer and am looking forward to days in the back garden playing with Martha, dipping our toes in the paddling pool and making our own ice lollies. 

I thought I would share some lovely new clothes (all gifts from my Mum and Mother in Law.) I love the bright colours and there are some gorgeous new items for little people hitting the shops - If you want to see more excessively cute things take a look at my latest Spring Baby Girl Haul video.

I love the floral print on these Baby grows and Next is fantastic quality. The cord dungaree set (Debenhams) is so cute I can picture Martha in her wellies with this in the warmer weather, little watering can in hand, pottering about in the garden. These were gifts from my Mum.

The last set with the rainbow leggings and the crocodile outfit (Next) Martha has already worn and it fits perfectly. The back of the T-shirt says "Never smile at a..." I love it and Martha likes touching the fuzzy crocodile. This was a gift from my Mother in Law.

The pink floral tunic and blue striped leggings set are from Next, this comes with a lovely headband but Martha refuses to keep it on! The pink floral pattern is exactly the same as the first 'girl' baby grows my mum bought me in the hospital, which makes me very happy.

The little mock denim leggings and Pink Cardigan with bow are both from Primark. Martha looks so cute in this, the leggings have tiny pockets on the bottom - just amazing!

The last outfit came as separate pieces. I have had so many of these knitted leggings from Primark, they are great for when the weather is still chilly. Martha has had them in a range of sizes since she was about 6 months old. The Peppa Pig jumper is from Next and no surprises that Martha adores the print, she studies it at great length and excitedly points to the characters! 

These were all gifts from my mum.

I'm afraid I don't have the prices as I was so excited/ desperate for new clothes that fit, I pulled the labels off and she has worn them all already! They are all new and current in stores.

Are you excited for spring?