Spring Baby Girl Haul

Despite the bonkers weather (please see the vlogs for the bizarre hailstone storms I've been getting battered with, every day this week!) I can see a lone daffodil at the back of our garden and though it may be struggling in this wintery weather, it fills me with hope. I long for the warm hazy days of summer and am looking forward to days in the back garden playing with Martha, dipping our toes in the paddling pool and making our own ice lollies. 

I thought I would share some lovely new clothes (all gifts from my Mum and Mother in Law.) I love the bright colours and there are some gorgeous new items for little people hitting the shops - If you want to see more excessively cute things take a look at my latest Spring Baby Girl Haul video.

I love the floral print on these Baby grows and Next is fantastic quality. The cord dungaree set (Debenhams) is so cute I can picture Martha in her wellies with this in the warmer weather, little watering can in hand, pottering about in the garden. These were gifts from my Mum.

The last set with the rainbow leggings and the crocodile outfit (Next) Martha has already worn and it fits perfectly. The back of the T-shirt says "Never smile at a..." I love it and Martha likes touching the fuzzy crocodile. This was a gift from my Mother in Law.

The pink floral tunic and blue striped leggings set are from Next, this comes with a lovely headband but Martha refuses to keep it on! The pink floral pattern is exactly the same as the first 'girl' baby grows my mum bought me in the hospital, which makes me very happy.

The little mock denim leggings and Pink Cardigan with bow are both from Primark. Martha looks so cute in this, the leggings have tiny pockets on the bottom - just amazing!

The last outfit came as separate pieces. I have had so many of these knitted leggings from Primark, they are great for when the weather is still chilly. Martha has had them in a range of sizes since she was about 6 months old. The Peppa Pig jumper is from Next and no surprises that Martha adores the print, she studies it at great length and excitedly points to the characters! 

These were all gifts from my mum.

I'm afraid I don't have the prices as I was so excited/ desperate for new clothes that fit, I pulled the labels off and she has worn them all already! They are all new and current in stores.

Are you excited for spring?

Martha's 15 Month Update

Oh my goodness time is going much too fast! When I first started my blog I wrote Martha's first update at 6 month old. Now we have a clever, determined and fiercely independent little toddler babbling away in her own language and exploring all aspects of the house!

Daily Routine

My mummy is so funny!

Martha is done with afternoon naps! She takes her usual 2 1/2 hour nap in the mornings and is active till bedtime. She no longer takes an afternoon nap with the childminder, but still takes a short nap in the morning; this means she is very grumpy and tired by Tuesday night and catches up by taking an extended nap on Wednesday when she is home with me.

Bedtime routine

Watching a little Peppa Pig with my blanket

Martha's bedtime routine is the same as always she goes for her bath at 7pm; she loves the bath, but doesn't like getting out, or having her teeth brushed, or getting changed..... We read a book (usually Peppa Pig or That's not my Penguin) Then she feeds herself her bottle and I put her to bed awake about 7:30pm. She is very good at going to sleep and generally sleeps through, apart from when teething rears it's head.....



Martha went through a fussy stage this month with her food and was playing with it rather than eating (especially at breakfast.) I think this was down to teething but she is back to her usual self. She still likes all her usual things and I've let her indulge in the odd chocolate button or nutella which she has seemed quite pleased with! She is currently drinking about 4 bottles of 6fl oz full fat milk a day.


Martha is now comfortably in 9-12 months although shop sizes do differ and some 9-12 months seem to be ginormous! She currently wears Pampers size 4 and shoe size 3.

Feeding the ducks

Milestones, Moments and likes....

  • Loves the snacks at playgroup and often attempts to pinch blueberries and raspberries from other peoples plates!
  • Hates being changed or confined in any way
  • Has taken to crying when I leave her with the childminder, but is so busy when I get there to pick her up, she wants to show me what she's been playing with and will cry because we're leaving (mummy torture!)
  • Still obsessed with Peppa Pig; watching it, reading the books and carrying around the toys
  • Has learnt to climb off and on the sofa and does this regularly
  • Wants to jump and bounce on everything!
  • Likes feeding the ducks, but would rather eat the bread herself...

Thats it for our 15 month update!

Have your little one's learnt anything new?






What is the magic number?

"Now your married I hope you don't wait too long before getting pregnant"

"When are you having the next one then?"

"They've been married for years, obviously don't want children"

"Well it's about time, it took you long enough"

Oh yes, I have a little something to say today! I have personally overheard all of the above quotes (or similar variations) in the past two weeks. The second one there, has been lodged at me a few times since having Martha; a few days ago I was accosted by a group of women who seemed to question me on this issue, as if I needed to get a move on and in a rather interrogatory manner seemed to further question when I said I didn't think I would have another. I tried explaining that my pregnancy and birth were horrific (hello hyperemisis and 46 hours of labour/ emergency cesarean/ almost bleeding to death/ two blood transfusions/ months of recovery/I'm never doing this again!) but somehow it was quashed as excuses and I realised I was attempting to justify myself to a group who took it as written that once you've had one you obviously should be having another!

"The next time I see you I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet"

"The next time I see you I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet"

It seems that everyone (men and women) are somewhat obsessed with babies and the minute you seem settled, it's taken as written that you should be having children. I guess it's a primal thing! The danger is, whether you mean it as a well meaning or light hearted comment ("The next time I see you I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet" yes someone did say that after we were married - *mentally explodes!*) You are stepping on a mine field. I worked with a wonderful woman many years back, who people speculated on; everyone said what a lovely person she was and couldn't understand why she had been married for years and didn't have children because she'd make a wonderful mother. At the Christening of her twins, her husband gave a heartfelt speech about the years of IVF they had battled and how she had come to work with a smile. A friend of mine has one little boy she calls her miracle because it took 10 years to conceive him. These women and their stories make me literally dance with joy.

The point is, clearly it's a touchy subject; personally it took me exactly a month and a half to get pregnant (yes I almost passed out when I realised it had been that quick and was not at all prepared!) Still, it doesn't mean I want another, I am grateful to have Martha at all because I know how difficult it is for some women. Plus, who equates happiness to quantity? (certainly not me) and it might not be that easy next time, it could take years, heck it might not happen at all! 

So in conclusion, can we all pipe down on the procreation chat?! Some people don't want children, some people take longer, some are not ready, some are happy with their lot whether it's one or six! and some people might be struggling.....

Whew, think I'll go have a little lie down now!

What do you think? Have you been on the receiving end of this debate?

Stay Happy!

Mami 2 Five
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How to make perfect pancakes

Ok, Shrove Tuesday has passed, but good pancakes are welcome at anytime!  One of Aled's specialities are his pancakes, so I asked him to let us in on his secret recipe. So here goes.

Make sure you leave some batter to create a small pancake for little ones. 

More than enough for two adults and a hungry little baby bear.

This is a simple recipe that doesn't take much preparation. The ingredients listed below make around 8-9 medium pancakes (with a few little ones for your little ones).


  • 120g plain white flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 500ml milk


It is best to use a mechanical whisk if you have one, however hand whisking is also good.

Crack 3 eggs into the flower and begin to whisk.

Bit by bit add milk to the flour and eggs while continue to whisk.

You need achieve a rather liquid consistency (if the batter is too thick the pancake will be too doughy).

When you pour the batter into the pan make sure the pan is as hot as it can be.

Between pancakes, make sure that the pan remains on the hob and hot.

Of course its up to you what you out on your pancakes, although we suggest some sultanas, blueberries and maple syrup or Nutella.


Mami 2 Five