A poorly baby bear by Heather Griffiths

My little baby bear came down with her first ever bug this weekend, I was so anxious for her. It began on Saturday night; I could hear on the monitor she was very unsettled she began crying and then a gulping noise as if she had swallowed the wrong way I ran upstairs to find she had been so sick, she was very pale and panicked. 

Aled stripped the bed and I put Martha straight into a bath to clean her up. She was sick several times after and it took a long time for her to eventually settle. I also set up her travel cot right next to me in our room so I could keep an eye on her. I had a terrible nights sleep, jumping at every little sound thinking she was starting again.

If you read my blog you will know how I suffer with anxiety and being sick is certainly a trigger for a panic attack. Although I did worry for Martha I felt proud at how my instinct was to stay calm, reassure her and truly felt the responsibility to care for her. My primary concern was to take care of her and I did. It was a new experience as a new mummy and no doubt the first of many. Plenty of snuggles, she is still feeling a little under the weather but hopefully will be back to her happy little self soon, 

Did you catch the latest vlog? 

Hope you all have a great week, 

Stay happy

My week in Pictures #14 by Heather Griffiths

Well this week was a tough one! Getting into the new routine of being back to work; the physical exhaustion of getting Martha and myself ready each morning, the long walk to the childminders and the rush to work. Not to mention the emotional aspects of leaving her, I am thoroughly worn out and we're only just getting started! Here's a little of what we got up to this week.....

I took Martha on a little trip to Aberyswtyth to make the most of the nice weather, we went to my favourite cafe MG's and had lunch there.

Martha eating her little sandwiches

Mummy and daughter selfie

I had Welsh Rarebit with bacon and it was good!

Welsh Rarebit

Hope you are all having a great week! 

Stay happy!  

A few home additions by Heather Griffiths

I recently have been on a bit of a sorting spree; clearing out, selling on Ebay and organising. I love organising and sorting out. I picked up a few bits and pieces from a very affordable little shop called Store 21 in Aberystwyth. I have never really shopped there before but their window displays were so pretty it drew me in. 

Firstly, I was drawn to the many different designs of baskets, boxes and storage that filled several aisles in the shop. I have recently moved things around and this white storage that initially was in the bathroom, then used for storing the baby's feeding machine has been left without function. I wanted some little baskets to gain maximum use of it. I found these little wicker baskets and have filled them with extra beauty items. 


Next, I was looking for something to keep Martha's bath toys in something small that didn't involve a big ugly net hanging in the shower. I found this fresh little painted box, it has a simple almost beachy look about it and it keeps everything organised. Martha is thoroughly enjoying taking all of her toys out of it and throwing them in the bath as it is running!


The people who owned the house before us were majorly keen on pictures and decorations and left many hooks and screws on the walls. I have slowly been covering most of them and spotted this cute little plaque which I have hung in the downstairs toilet. Again, it has the same beach hut feel as the box and really brightens the room.


Where do you like to shop for home furnishings?

Stay Happy!

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review by Heather Griffiths

Here's the thing.....I'm in the market for a new foundation, I have been for a while. I'm at that stage where everything is coming down to the last few dregs and I want to try something new. The thing is I'm feeling extra picky I hate buying a new products only to discover in vain that they just don't work, so I have been sampling like a crazy person in an attempt to find that perfect match, as of yet I have not discovered it. 

I remembered on my search that I had many years ago purchased Makeup Forever HD foundation and could not remember how I had found it so after scouring the internet looking at swatches and reading copious reviews I took the plunge and ordered through Guru Makeup Emporium for £30.95. Makeup Forever HD is a brand not available all that readily in the UK and this site does enable quite a large collection.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Upon it's arrival I remembered how much I like the clean simple design of the packaging and the easy pump so no product is wasted. The foundation itself has quite a thin consistency; it blends easily and despite the texture it gives a decent medium, buildable coverage, blurring imperfections. On me it had a lovely satin/slight glowy finish. All sounds perfect so far and definitely my kind of foundation. 

About mid day the dawning realisation hit; I did like this foundation many years ago, the problem was it simply does not last. On me this foundation just disappears, I was disappointed then and I was disappointed now. I can assume this would work brilliantly on some skin types perhaps leading towards the drier side of things, for a combination or oiler skin type it just fails to withstand. 

Ah, well moving onto other samples and the search continues.......

What is your favourite foundation?

Stay Happy!

Weaning at 9 months by Heather Griffiths

Martha has been progressing with her weaning and at 9 Months I thought I would give a little rundown of what a typical days worth of meals looks like for Martha.

Breakfast 6am

Martha usually wakes at 6am and will have a 6fl oz bottle of Stage 2 SMA straight away. Martha then has what I like to call her 2nd breakfast at 7am, she has a little bowl of Cheerios softened with Semi-skimmed milk, which she feeds herself from her little suction bowl (review here.)

Snack 11am

Martha has a bottle of milk.

Lunch 12:30pm

At 12:30pm Martha has a variety of finger foods (which does vary day to day) generally she has little finger sandwiches made with wholemeal bread and cream cheese. She then has fruit (banana slices being her preference) and then a serving of natural yoghurt with a drizzle of fruit puree.

Snack 3am

Afternoon snack, another bottle of milk.

Dinner 5:30pm 

Between 5 - 5:30pm we all eat dinner together. Martha has a baby friendly version of whatever we are eating (e.g./ bolognese) After she has some Plum organic wafers or Heinz banana/apple biscuits for dessert.

Bedtime 8:15pm

Final bottle before bed.


Martha feeds herself breakfast and lunch and her dessert at dinner time. She enjoys eating with us and I try to include her in all of our mealtimes. For diet I generally follow the advice given in the Annabel Karmel Weaning book (it has lots of advice about a varied diet, what to feed and when, how to prepare food from the beginning stages and is filled with recipe ideas.)

What are your little ones favourite foods?

What to do, what to do..... by Heather Griffiths

This is a thought I find myself pondering more and more lately. It has crept into my mind more frequently as Martha May is now fully walking all over the house by herself. It has suddenly struck me just how much she is changing and how quickly things are moving (quite literally!)

I am now on my new 3 day a week contract from Monday to Friday. This week was my first week back at work and it was tough. I missed my baby, I just don't know what to do with myself without her, I feel physically adrift. I miss holding her and I feel a bit lost without my little shadow following me from room to room.  Monday and Tuesday came and went and by Wednesday I was desperate to spend time with her; turns out Martha was desperate for the same. She was so clingy and down in the dumps on Tuesday night. Wednesday I woke up feeling like I had so much energy and Martha was in such a happy mood when she realised we were staying put.

It did leave me feeling like I should be doing something though, I felt guilty for tidying up and sorting out, not going somewhere special with Martha. I have decided to make it my personal mission not to feel this way again. Besides, Martha is simply delighted to be at home with me, playing with her toys, following me around, roaming (as always), taking her proper naps in her own cot and just simply spending time with me. That is after all why I reduced to working part-time isn't it? 

Stay Happy!

Martha May's 9 month Update by Heather Griffiths

Here is little Martha's 9 month update. Time seems to be escaping us, everyone says it goes so fast and although it may not seem like it at the time it does not quite seem real that 9 months has already passed. Yesterday I saw a newborn baby and it is becoming difficult already to remember Martha at that age.

Daily Routine

Still largely the same she needs a morning nap about 2 hours after waking and then takes an afternoon nap after her lunch. She is still mostly sleeping through the night but is wakeful when her teething flares up. My little one is walking walking walking! She is so strong and determined she can get right across the room by herself! She is obsessed with grabbing everything she is not meant to particularly wires and plugs!

Martha and her Daddy

Bedtime routine

Martha still goes for her bath at 8pm. She loves playing in the bath, pulling the plug out and standing up in it. She still has her final feed about 8:30pm and is always asleep by 8:45pm. She is very good at going down for her naps and self soothing herself to sleep if needed.

Eating routine

Martha feeds herself her breakfast and lunch. She is great with all of her finger foods; loves toast fingers, banana slices, rice cakes etc. She still eats a similar portion but now eats a baby friendly version of whatever we are eating for tea.

An unusal doze in her pram


Martha is still in size 3-6 month clothes but won't be for much longer! She also still wears her Pampers size 4.

Pretty baby

Milestone, moments and likes....

  • Feeding herself as much as possible
  • Walking everywhere both with her walker and by herself without holding on
  • Laundry piles are her new favourite thing, she is so gleeful messing up the piles!
  • Says Mama and Dada alot
  • Loves Shreddies, waits for some from my breakfast and gets upset when I finish (haha)
  • Still doesn't like the car, being changed or getting out of the bath
  • Makes a lot of babbling noise to herself and often shakes her head or waves one hand when she is playing
  • She is obsessed with Peppa Pig, she is so excited when the theme tune comes on and rushes to stand near the TV to watch
  • Two little teeth showing and we now have our first little toothbrush

Happy 9 Months Martha May! 

Stay Happy!

My week in Pictures #13 by Heather Griffiths

Well it's the last week of the holidays. The rain has been a bit relentless here so we haven't been able to get out much (boo!) I've been sorting out all of Martha's baby clothes and my makeup. A good clear out, some listings on ebay and creating some space is literally the most satisfying thing ever!

Here's a little of what Mama and Baby Bear got up to this week.....

I made the Lemon Drizzle Cake and the Banana Bread Loaf and they turned out even better this time!

delish cakes

We bundled up and went for a walk

My Baby Bear

We escaped into a cafe for some shelter and tasty treats of course!

Martha playing with Jeffy

So, back to work and a whole new routine; I'm feeling very anxious about returning to work and leaving Martha again.

See you for the vlog on Sunday at 6pm 

Hope your all having a great week!

Stay happy!

Mama and Baby OOTD #1 by Heather Griffiths

Hello everyone,

On this very rainy day here is me and my Baby Bear doing an OOTD and a BOOTD! Doesn't she look adorable?

Mama and Baby bear

My Outfit:

Jeans: Topshop

Vest top: Hollister (ancient!)

Chambray Shirt: Topshop

Ankle Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Baby Bear

Romper: Next (sale)

Socks: Primark

Headband: Liverpool (present from my mum)

Hope you are having a great week!

Stay Happy!

What's it all worth? by Heather Griffiths

September will officially mark the end of those endless days at home with baby. Looking back I can remember the endless sleepless nights, feeling fairly isolated home alone all day and craving a break from it all. I have no guilt in admitting that at times I have found that motherhood is hard; it is particularly hard when a terrible birth takes months and months to recover from, your baby is horrendously colic and being a new mummy without support in a remote area. There have been days when I have struggled and times when I have missed the 'life before baby'. People often ask if things have changed since becoming a mum and when I think, things have changed beyond recognition.

Aled and I can no longer just jump on a train and go off for the day. We no longer have lots of meals out, or go for a few drinks. Mornings begin a lot earlier, we can't sit in all day watching box sets and time to ourselves is usually snatched after 9pm when Baby is asleep, everything is finished and neither of us has fallen asleep on the sofa!

I returned for a full week of work before the end of the summer term and found it to be the most difficult thing emotionally I have had to do since becoming a Mummy. Leaving the baby with a childminder and functioning without her was so foreign to me. I missed caring for her, I hated the thought of her crying and not being able to comfort her, someone else feeding her, changing her and putting her down to sleep. Yet, returning to work I felt  like a small piece of myself pre-mummy was awakened. The creativity my job demands, the stimulation of adult conversation and the enjoyment I get from doing my job and knowing that it is an important job was refreshing. 

It raises an interesting conflict within myself and a debate that many Mum's today struggle with; we really do want it all, we want to be with our babies and we want our careers. I spent a great deal of time and money acquiring a Degree and a Masters; my job is truly a passion, I enjoy it. Yet, if given the chance would I just stay home and be a Mummy? 

This year I have reduced my hours to working three days a week and have spent more recent weeks fretting about our finances. Things are certainly going to be on a tight budget; Christmas will not be the extravagant affair it has been, trips and visits will be a rarity. Money will be tight and our choices will be fewer. I make this decision knowing all of this, fully aware that I will miss the buzz of work, that time with my baby will be precious; spent at home just the two of us, that I will still cry when I leave her and be consumed with guilt when she cries when I go to collect her. I will miss out on a lot, I will gain time with my baby and yet will still feel unsatisfied. 

Feminism brought many developments, one being that women didn't have to envisage a life in an apron, keeping house and raising children. Careers were no longer out of reach and yet now a life at home is no longer an option for many women today. Instead there is an internal struggle between what we want and what we can afford. When I think about it our choices are not all that much more advanced and for many women cutting hours is not even an option. Perhaps we can't have it all?

Stay Happy!