The Good Girl

Hello friends,

Oh this is a good one today!

Fiona Neill’s latest release Good Girl is a dark, gripping, psychological thriller, that keeps surprising you, as dark family secrets are revealed and the plot twists unravel.


The book is narrated from two perspectives’ both mother and daughter, giving an interesting dynamic on the two different versions of events. It also neatly represents the mother/ daughter dynamic.  The book begins with Aisla a secondary headteacher observing a video of a sexual act involving two of her pupils. As a headteacher this is troubling, but as a mother even more so, when she realises the girl in the video (which is now viral) is her daughter, Romy.

Romy was always very studious and had great careers aspirations. The book centers around how one split decision can alter a person’s life and affect those around them.

The story see’s the family relocate to the small village of Luckmore, supposedly for Aisla’s new job, but as the story progresses far darker secrets are revealed and the family unit begins to disintegrate.

The style of writing in this book is subtle, it builds slowly; drawing you in and compelling you to dig deeper into the real reasons behind the secrets. Utterly addictive and thoroughly recommended!

I’m loving all these new summer reads and have just started what promises to be another absolute gem – watch this space for a new review very soon!


The secret garden…

Hello friends,

We’ve had another busy week filled with adventures, fun days out, some chronic rain and lots of laughter. I also seem to have caught an overwhelming desire to delve into some home improvements (read: moving everything around!) but more on that another time….

I just had to share this little trip because it was spontaneous (aren’t they the best kind?) We were sure it was going to rain and so during a little tea/ milk for baby in bed (our new favourite morning routine) I searched for places to visit with a toddler, on a rainy day. Most results showed a garden centre. I used to love garden centres when I was little (I had a thing about searching for the most tiny cactuses….)

We promptly dressed and made it to the lovely Derwen Garden Centre. As soon as we arrived the heavens opened, so we bundled into the cafe in time for lunch. The food was all home cooked and utterly delicious. Once the shower had passed we ventured outside; the most impressive aspect about this garden centre are the plethora of themed gardens.

Derwen 058

Derwen 069


Such beautiful, different and inspiring spaces; as you walk through and spend time in each carefully crafted space, you can feel a change of pace and your mood shifting. Baby B was thoroughly fascinated with all of them but particularly enjoyed the Italian garden, complete with chess table and the colourful ‘Fun’ garden.

Derwen 066

Derwen 064


This slightly unpredictable weather calls for an outfit that can cope – the denim shirt keeps things casual, the boots practical for those unpredictable showers (not to mention appropriate footwear for garden mooching – is there such a thing – there is now!) and I just can’t stop wearing my cord Mini!

Derwen 069


Derwen 081

I left feeling so calm and completely inspired to turn our little garden into a personal haven (so many ideas.) Take a look at our latest vlog for more garden inspiration…

What I wore: Chambray Shirt – Topshop / Cord Mini – Topshop / Boots – Dorothy Perkins / Bag New Look (ancient, need a new one!)




Into the woods….

Hello friends!

I’ve been a busy little bee this week! We have been getting jobs done round the house, getting rooms organised (read: completely rearranging our bedroom) and diving out of the house the second it stops raining and there is the tiniest glimpse of sunshine!

Last Wednesday we decided to visit one of my favourite cities: Cardiff (for the culture obviously; it has nothing to do with the newly opened Five Guys and alluring call of a giant Ikea….) We always park the car next to Bute Park and enjoy a good wander, with a coffee from the little cafe stall inside. We managed a few snaps before the heavens opened and I was drenched to the bone, whilst trying to get a very annoyed Baby B into her buggy and throw the rain cover on.

Bute Park is such a great space; with winding little paths, bursts of flowers and giant, ancient trees. I wanted to sit up on this one but on closer inspection it was a lot higher than initially expected!





We made a swift exit after this picture was taken. The rest of the day was spent chomping on the biggest burger I have ever eaten, shopping, taking in the sights around the Castle and you know….having fun!




IMG_0106 IMG_0107


What I wore: Topshop Black Leigh Skinny Jeans / Primark Jumper/ Topshop Brogues

Mami 2 Five

The Bones of you

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I can’t help be drawn to a beautiful book cover. So when this little beauty arrived in the post I may have done little happy dance……


Such a beautiful cover and coupled with its alluring title, “The Bones of You” by Debbie Howells, this book had me intrigued from the onset. This is not a book that treads lightly, it punches you in the stomach from the first page; with complex emotional characters, secrets being uncovered and carefully crafted plot twists.

The story is set in an idyllic village in the countryside but with the discovery of the murder of a teenage girl, the plot unravels and pulls the reader through some heart wrenching chapters. I was instantly pulled into the story and could not put it down, as each chapter (told through varying perspectives) was uncovered, I simply had to read further into the tangled lives of the characters and was desperate to reach the conclusion.

I loved this book; the writing style is wonderfully simple and understated, which is balanced in sharp contrast, to the agony of the characters and the darker side to the novel. Absolute must read!

What are you reading lately? I would love to hear any recommendations!

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells was kindly sent for review. As always all opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review. 

By the Sea

Welcome to my first little fashion post…..



The tiniest glimpse of sun broke through the grey mass in the sky and we practically leapt out of bed. The promise of a reasonable day of weather had us very excited and we could not miss out on an opportunity to take Baby B for a little trip to the beach. We immediately visited one of my favourite cafe’s ‘MG’s’ and had a quick brunch. We strolled down the seafront, just in time to catch the little Carnival floats, spend 2p’s on the arcade machines and eat ice-cream on the beach. The wind was a bit snappy but we didn’t let that bother us!






IMG_0075 IMG_0076


What I wore:  Dungarees/Topshop (sold out online but several washes still available) – T shirt/Topshop  (old) – Sandals/Miss Guided – Bag/New Look (old) Sunglasses/Sorrento

Bare those pins!

Summer brings a lot of wonderful things; ice-cream, seaside trips and floaty dresses (any excuse!) Of course this means bringing those pastey pins out and baring your legs (which if your anything like me will have been hidden away for the rest of the year.)

To ease myself into the transition of baring my little legs, I like to treat them to a little pamper session.

summer legs - 1

First up, we need to deal with the hair….Yes, we all have it and bare summer legs call for extra maintenance. There are a number of options; Laser Hair Removal is quick, effective and more permanent, Veet offer some great waxing kits/ creams or a simple razor (my sensitive skin likes the soft cushiony bars on the Gilette Venus Breeze blades best.)

summer legs - 2

Scrub, scrub, scrub….Time to exfoliate with your favourite scrub. Lately I have returned to an old favourite, The Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory. This is a great budget buy and contains some lovely ingredients like honey, almonds and maple. It actually smells good enough to eat (Baby B has been walking around with the pot since I bought it, smelling it and saying “mmm!”) – couldn’t agree more!

summer legs - 3

summer legs - 4

Then it’s time to slap on some moisturiser to soften and hydrate. I am guilty of not really moisturising my body so this always feels like a real treat! I am loving this deluxe sample I’ve been using from Clarins – but use your favourite, or you know what ever you have lying around…

summer legs - 5

And for an extra little pick me up, apply a little oil; to firm, nourish and add a healthy sheen. I love the Clarins Firming Body Tonic Oil (this is at least my 5th bottle – also great for stretch marks.)

summer legs - 7

And there we have it perfect pins for summer!

What are your favourite products?

Stay Happy!