Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette review

Oh let us gaze upon this thing of beauty.....There is something so very refined and classic about the Hourglass brand; clearly luxurious and excellent quality. A complete convert to the ambient lighting powders I was very keen to get my hands on this, it was on my Christmas list and I was fortunate enough to receive it. 

Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette

Luminous Flash, Incandescent Electra and Mood Exposure.

Encased in the beautifully designed slim, gold compact are three blush powders. The shades from left to right all have the ambient lighting powders fused throughout, they include:

Luminous flash (a champagne rose fused with luminous light)

Incandescent Electra (a peach fused with Incandescent light)

Mood Exposure (soft plum fused with mood light) 

Swatches: Luminous Flash, Incandescent Electra and Mood Exposure

These powders are so refined and soft, beautiful soft shimmer and easily bendable. On pale skin the pigment of these should not be underestimated and is best applied with a light hand; these are very build able and would be beautiful on any skin tone, although may fall short on darker skin tones. They really do give a luminous glow that looks lit from within and the palette gives you a range of shades to try. I have become quite the fan of Mood Exposure (not a shade I would normally be drawn to.)

This is currently out of stock at Space NK online but may still be available in some shops.

Food glorious food!

After the post indulgence of Christmas, where it becomes acceptable to consume a mince pie before 10am and dinner is followed by 1/2 a box of After Eight, with accompanying glass of Baileys I was actually craving getting back to normal. I actually don't enjoy being bought chocolate (am I the only one?!) I hate having masses of junk food in the kitchen. 

So here I thought I would provide a little insight into what Baby Bear and I have been eating....and not a quality street in sight!

For breakfast I have an Oat so simple porridge sachet (original) with semi skimmed milk and a cup of tea. Baby B has her cheerios with full fat milk and a 6fl oz bottle of full fat milk (which she feeds herself.)


At about 11am (depending how long Baby B sleeps for) she will have a 6 fl oz bottle of full fat milk and a little snack (which varies) usually fruit or rice cakes.

For lunch it varies; For myself, either a salad with a sprinkle of blue cheese or my homemade soup (sweet potato, carrots, beans etc) Baby B always has her little cream cheese sandwiches with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. She will often snack on biscotti, oat biscuits, rice cakes, raspberries or banana.

After her afternoon nap Baby B will have another 6fl oz bottle of full fat milk.

For dinner we had meatballs with tagliatelli. Baby B had a small portion with the ribbons cut smaller, she was so impressed with the shape of the pasta and loved the meatballs; I also gave her a quartered cherry tomato because she loves them.

All these tasty food pictures have made me hungry I'll try to remember to post another day of meals (I usually get distracted and remember half way through our meals that I forgot to take a picture!)


Stay Happy!

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm review

So you know the post Christmas tale of woe? The one that starts with much merriment and ends with your body being 50% cheese platter 40% Prosecco and 10% After Eights. Yes, well that happened and it showed; not only on my waistline but on my face. My skin was not happy! It was so red, covered in breakouts and inflamed. My usual skincare was not cutting it and it only seemed to worsen. 

I did of course stop the indulgence and still I needed something to give my skin the help it was so desperately crying out for. I turned to the Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm; something which had been laying dormant on my bathroom shelf for a month or so and so far had not seemed particularly groundbreaking.

Neal's Yard is a beautiful brand both aesthetically and in the ingredients carefully chosen for their products.  The first thing to note is that it does not contain any parabens, mineral oil or synthetic fragrance/ colours (yay!) The Wild Rose Beauty Balm does contain lovely Rosehip, Jojoba, Borage, Geranium and Patchouli; giving the product many soothing, calming properties and a pleasant, natural, herbal scent. This product claims multi-uses as a cleanser, mask or overnight treatment. I began using this as an overnight treatment and saw a difference within the first use, it immediately took away the sting, calmed the rash and quelled the redness. My skin was transformed in a few uses and now I use this more regularly as a second cleanse in the evenings. It feels like such a treat for the skin and leaves the skin feeling completely nourished post cleanse. 

Upon first appearance the balm is very thick, much thicker than my usual Emma Hardie balm. You only need a small amount and once worked into the hands it transforms it a beautiful oil (which I would say is a lot oilier than Emma Hardie.)

This is an absolute essential for skincare; particularly for sensitive skin like mine or just for those stressed out skin days (there is certainly an aromatherapy element to using this product, which always gets extra points in my book.) The only question remains.....what should I try next?

I purchased mine from John Lewis for £37

Have you tried any of the Neal's Yard range?

Stay happy!

Baby outfit of the day!

Happy Monday!

It been a while since we did a BOOTD Martha has had some very cute little outfits this Christmas and I couldn't resist the chance to show one!

To brighten up this hideous weather we've gone for some pastel shades....


Socks- Primark 

Knitted leggings - Primark

T-Shirt - Next

Knitted mint green cardigan - hand knitted a present from my mum for Christmas (the hood comes to a point it's adorable!)

Shoes - Firetrap Baby Shoes (a present from my mum.)

Hope you have a great week,

Stay Happy!

Martha's 13 month update

It feels very surreal writing 13 months, my baby is growing up too fast! Having looked back at some of our first blogs or even vlogs from a few months back it is amazing to see how much and how quickly she has changed. So let's see what little Baby B is up to at 13 months....

Daily Routine

This has been sketchy of late; now that Martha is over 1 year old I can see she is slowly readjusting and although I try to go with what she needs, it is difficult. Since she has been poorly off and on her sleep and her eating went haywire, it has taken a good month but I feel she is slowly coming back to normal now. Martha is still napping morning and afternoon but is taking much shorter naps.

Bedtime Routine

During the time Martha was ill, it has been very gruelling; waking at different times, struggling to settle and not going down to sleep easily. We are over the worst, she is now going down much easier and generally seems to be sleeping through again. She still has her bath at 7pm and is in bed by 7:45 at the latest.

Eating routine

When Martha was unwell she barely ate or drank for 3 days. For about a week or so afterwards she would become very upset and distressed when food was placed in front of her. Now she is finally getting her appetite back, she loves all her usual foods like pasta, bananas etc We have also discovered she likes mushrooms, raspberries, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. She has also been trying Gingerbread oat biscuits and tomato rice snacks by Annabel Karmel (which she loves!) She is now drinking full fat cow's milk and does enjoy the odd orange juice/ apple juice.


Martha is coming right to the end of her 6-9 months and won't have much more wear out of this size. We also took her to Clarks to have her feet measured again and she has gone up a size to a size 3. She wears Pampers size 4.

Milestones, moments and likes.....

  • Playing with her Patisserie, particularly the little cupboard
  • Loves sorting (emptying things out and putting things back and emptying again...)
  • Peppa Pig, Frozen and Simons Cat (she can't get enough - I must have watched the Peppa Pig Christmas compilation 100 times!)
  • Obsessed with the hoover, my hairdryer and the kitchen cupboards
  • She is developing her own sense of humour and laughs at the same little moments in Peppa Pig (e.g./ when the parrot repeats or when Daddy Pig turns into a snowman!)
  • She hasn't added any new words to her vocabulary but lately is constantly saying "yaya" and "gaga"

On Christmas Day!

And thats it, I love looking back on these little update posts and remembering these so very precious days.

Stay Happy!


Joie Baby Litetrax Review

Being a new mummy brings a great many joys and one of them is the utter delight and delirium that comes with shopping for your baby. From the tiny clothes, to the colourful toys and the searching for the best items to make life that little bit easier. That's where the Joie Baby pushchair comes in......

When I was pregnant we bought a bundle with iCandy where we had a pram, pushchair and car seat attachment (which we love.) We have and still do, continue to make good use of it; it has served us well, it was expensive and a generous gift from my parents. It is however quite heavy and does not fit in the boot of our car.

When Martha started at the childminders our pushchair was not very convenient due to it's size. I needed something more compact; something that would fold down, collapse easily, be lightweight, oh and incredibly hardy to handle the countryside terrain I face on the walk to and from work! Not too much to ask then?!

When the Joie baby Litetrax arrived I was so impressed; it is so stylish and streamlined, with it's 3 wheel design. It is everything I was looking for; lightweight, manoeuvres easily, a simple pull through the centre of the seat ensures it collapses quickly and when it is folded down it is so slim and compact it fits easily in the boot! The hood covers the seat fully, it has a zip to further extend (which Martha will appreciate when the sun is out) and there is a fold back section of material revealing a mesh to give a nice airflow in the hotter months (also I can see what Martha is up to!) The design also includes a safety bumper, multi recliner, an impressively large shopping basket underneath and a very secure 5 point harness (this is a dream to fasten and not at all complicated - right up my street.)

When we tried this Martha sat forward facing for the first time, which took me a little getting used to, but she absolutely loved it! The Joie Baby Litetrax comes with an excellent rain cover  that fully covers the pushchair (this has been a gripe of mine with other designs) and a cozy foot muff. All in all I think this is an excellent quality pushchair for the price and cannot recommend it enough, it is so convenient and has coped effortlessly with the country lanes. The quality is great; it gets a big thumbs up from Mama and Baby Bear. 

*The Joie Baby Litetrax was kindly sent for consideration, all opinions are my own I was not paid for this review.