It's Monday Mamas! by Heather Griffiths

Happy Monday! It's time for a much overdue BOOTD! Here is my little pumpkin all cosy in her Autumn attire.....

Top/Dress John Rocha - a gift from when she was born (it's in size 6-9 months and she just fits into it.)

Knitted Leggings - Primark (last years winter sale - snatch up those bargains when you see them!)

Socks - Primark

I love this outfit on Martha - completely function at keeping her snug as the months get chillier and still looking so cute!

What are you favourite Autumn baby outfits?

Stay Happy!

My Baby Bear

My week in pictures #18 by Heather Griffiths

Let me start by saying this week has been fairly uneventful - My personal battle against the flu a week later continues, the continuous torrential rain and work deliriously hectic has meant we have been on the treadmill this week. Here's a little of what we got up to....

If you saw last week's vlog you will have seen Martha has been feeding herself her tea with a far more chunkier texture, she is absolutely delighted, she has always wanted the independence and is so determined!

I love spaghetti bolognese!

Martha has been amusing herself in her cot when she wakes lately, instead of crying, she has usually thrown everything around when I go up!


It may be only October but the Christmas treats are out - this one takes me back I was addicted to these in my third trimester.


Me and my Baby Bear have been hibernating throughout the thunder, lightning and rain - enjoying a lovey hot chocolate with marshmallows - one of my favourite things!

Oh so good

Hope you are having a great week - see you tomorrow for the vlog at 6pm!

Stay happy!

All the leaves are brown by Heather Griffiths

Autumn is most definitely here, the leaves are turning, the conkers are out and despite the lovely picturesque version of autumn often painted the rain is also here. I have spent many a morning battling through the rain dragging the rain cover off and on the pram and arriving to work soaked to the bone. That being said I do love those crisp autumn days, hot chocolate, movies and the days where I get to hibernate with Baby Bear. 

One of the things I love to do in the autumn is add a few little touches throughout the place as a gentle nod to the change in seasons. I love the way houses are decorated seasonally in the US and I attempt to bring some little adjustments about the place - it just makes me feel so cozy and happy! Here are a few snaps of some autumnal decoration around the house....

Candles - Yankee candle candy corn, empty Yankee Halloween jar from last year and battery pillar candle.

Yankee Candle Pumpkin Lantern with tea lights

Glittery Pumpkin light from Matalan

I love putting these little touches around the house!

Do you have any special Fall/ Autumn items?

Stay Happy!

Sparkle like a......Pumpkin? by Heather Griffiths

Hello Sparkle! When this little glitter encrusted beauty arrived from Lush I was delighted but also a tad concerned that I and my bath would end up looking like a disco ball, after using this seasonal bubble bar!

Lush sparkly pumpkin


Last year I purchased the pumpkin bubble bar that had more of a homely design; a rustic looking pumpkin with a happy face. This year my little tradition of a pumpkin bath has had a glittery makeover. I found the scent far more citrus this year and less on the sweeter side of things. I have been suffering with a spectacular bout of flu that has relented for the past week and stepping into this invigorating bath was simply wonderful. It contains Juniper, Lime and Grapefruit oils; it really packs a zesty punch, lots of bubbles and an orangey bath! 

As for the glitter? Surprisingly low key, it did give the water a shimmering effect but nothing noticeable on my skin post bath. I highly recommend this little pick me up as we drift into the chillier months. Available for £3.50 from Lush. The Sparkly Pumpkin is a limited addition seasonal treat from Lush and it won't be around for much longer. Grab your mitts on it for an Autumn treat before it disappears!

Stay happy!

Working Mama by Heather Griffiths

I have now been back at work and into our new routine for the past 2 months. It is without question tough! I thought a little rundown of our morning routine may help anyone who is going back to work and worried about it. I was; I did and still do worry and find being away from my baby incredibly painful. I hate leaving her and literally run to collect her at the end of the day!

5:45am - alarm goes off and Aled goes to shower

6:00am - I shower (this is all a lot easier if Martha has slept well and is still asleep)

6:15 - 6:30am - Martha wakes and I give her a bottle of milk

6:30-7:00am - between us Aled and I pack all of our lunches (including Martha's also the formular for her bottles is prepared and I put everything in our bags. Breakfast is also made for all of us

7:00am - We eat breakfast together and Aled goes to work about 7:15am

7:15am - 8:00am - This is usually a blur of me running around doing my hair, makeup and getting dressed. I let Martha play (I keep a box of toys upstairs specifically for this and rotate things so she doesn't get bored.) Some days she is very content to potter about, other days she is very clingy and wants my attention; I play it by ear and often end up juggling baby in one arm and applying mascara with the other. I leave getting Martha dressed until last, otherwise she starts taking off her socks and slinging them all over the place!

8:00am - This is when we should be leaving but by the time I have loaded the pram with all the various bags, put our coats on, strapped Martha in, put a rain cover on (as is often the case) it is usually a mad dash.

8:00-8:25am - It is a good walk over the hills to the childminders and I am usually knackered by the time I get there, then its a power walk to work.

All this and I haven't even started the working day yet. It often feels overwhelming; I just try to stay focused on getting out of the house and be as organised as I can by preparing everything either the night before or before we start to get ready.

How do you start your day?

Stay Happy!

My week in pictures #17 by Heather Griffiths

Stressful - only one word to describe this week! It has been busy, busy, busy at work and getting myself/ baby ready and charging on foot, with a million bags, a heavy pram and battling the hills in this bonkers weather has left me completely wiped out. True to form whenever the stress amps up, my migraines make an unwelcome appearance. Anyway, here's a little of what we got up to this week....

We went to Aberystwyth to take the car for a servicing, the wait for the bus was ridiculous so we decided to hike the 4 odd miles into town, which aside from the wind was lovely. We walked through the leafy park and spotted this little chap - I don't think i've ever seen such a fluffy caterpillar!

Fluffy Caterpillar!

After our walk we went to Costa to warm up with hot chocolates, if you watched last week'd vlog you will have seen how deliriously excited I was to see the Brownie's are back!

Chocolate overload!

A lot of Martha's bath toys had to be thrown out due to a poop in the bath incident and so I bought this cute little set from Amazon. It is a big hit, although we have managed to lose one of the cupcakes already....

Munchkin bath set

Martha has been suffering with her teething, resulting in many sleepless nights, here we are having an early morning snuggle.

Me and my Baby Bear

Hope you are having a great week,

See you on Sunday for the vlog at 6pm

Stay Happy!

Berry Nails by Heather Griffiths

Autumn is beckoning and I decided to try one of the more daring colours in my mini nail polish wardrobe (well daring for me anyway!) OPI's not just a waitress has a deep red tone to it, it is by no means garish or a brighter red. It has a beautiful grain of fine warm shimmer running through it. The application was a little messy; I found the long brush difficult to control, and the colour meant mistakes were very unforgiving. The formulae is very opaque in one swipe and when two coats are applied a high gloss, almost vinyl finish can be easily achieved. The only major downfall (and it is a big one) the wear time on this was very poor, I can usually squeeze a week out of my Essie polish this was applied on Sunday and removed on Wednesday. I love the colour but I won't be rushing to put it on again, I'm lucky if I get chance to paint my nails and when I do the fuss free/ long lasting option is just so much more appealing!

Lovely, lovely colour

chipping makes me sad....

Stay happy!