Martha May's 9 month Update by Heather Griffiths

Here is little Martha's 9 month update. Time seems to be escaping us, everyone says it goes so fast and although it may not seem like it at the time it does not quite seem real that 9 months has already passed. Yesterday I saw a newborn baby and it is becoming difficult already to remember Martha at that age.

Daily Routine

Still largely the same she needs a morning nap about 2 hours after waking and then takes an afternoon nap after her lunch. She is still mostly sleeping through the night but is wakeful when her teething flares up. My little one is walking walking walking! She is so strong and determined she can get right across the room by herself! She is obsessed with grabbing everything she is not meant to particularly wires and plugs!

Martha and her Daddy

Bedtime routine

Martha still goes for her bath at 8pm. She loves playing in the bath, pulling the plug out and standing up in it. She still has her final feed about 8:30pm and is always asleep by 8:45pm. She is very good at going down for her naps and self soothing herself to sleep if needed.

Eating routine

Martha feeds herself her breakfast and lunch. She is great with all of her finger foods; loves toast fingers, banana slices, rice cakes etc. She still eats a similar portion but now eats a baby friendly version of whatever we are eating for tea.

An unusal doze in her pram


Martha is still in size 3-6 month clothes but won't be for much longer! She also still wears her Pampers size 4.

Pretty baby

Milestone, moments and likes....

  • Feeding herself as much as possible
  • Walking everywhere both with her walker and by herself without holding on
  • Laundry piles are her new favourite thing, she is so gleeful messing up the piles!
  • Says Mama and Dada alot
  • Loves Shreddies, waits for some from my breakfast and gets upset when I finish (haha)
  • Still doesn't like the car, being changed or getting out of the bath
  • Makes a lot of babbling noise to herself and often shakes her head or waves one hand when she is playing
  • She is obsessed with Peppa Pig, she is so excited when the theme tune comes on and rushes to stand near the TV to watch
  • Two little teeth showing and we now have our first little toothbrush

Happy 9 Months Martha May! 

Stay Happy!

My week in Pictures #13 by Heather Griffiths

Well it's the last week of the holidays. The rain has been a bit relentless here so we haven't been able to get out much (boo!) I've been sorting out all of Martha's baby clothes and my makeup. A good clear out, some listings on ebay and creating some space is literally the most satisfying thing ever!

Here's a little of what Mama and Baby Bear got up to this week.....

I made the Lemon Drizzle Cake and the Banana Bread Loaf and they turned out even better this time!

delish cakes

We bundled up and went for a walk

My Baby Bear

We escaped into a cafe for some shelter and tasty treats of course!

Martha playing with Jeffy

So, back to work and a whole new routine; I'm feeling very anxious about returning to work and leaving Martha again.

See you for the vlog on Sunday at 6pm 

Hope your all having a great week!

Stay happy!

Mama and Baby OOTD #1 by Heather Griffiths

Hello everyone,

On this very rainy day here is me and my Baby Bear doing an OOTD and a BOOTD! Doesn't she look adorable?

Mama and Baby bear

My Outfit:

Jeans: Topshop

Vest top: Hollister (ancient!)

Chambray Shirt: Topshop

Ankle Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Baby Bear

Romper: Next (sale)

Socks: Primark

Headband: Liverpool (present from my mum)

Hope you are having a great week!

Stay Happy!

What's it all worth? by Heather Griffiths

September will officially mark the end of those endless days at home with baby. Looking back I can remember the endless sleepless nights, feeling fairly isolated home alone all day and craving a break from it all. I have no guilt in admitting that at times I have found that motherhood is hard; it is particularly hard when a terrible birth takes months and months to recover from, your baby is horrendously colic and being a new mummy without support in a remote area. There have been days when I have struggled and times when I have missed the 'life before baby'. People often ask if things have changed since becoming a mum and when I think, things have changed beyond recognition.

Aled and I can no longer just jump on a train and go off for the day. We no longer have lots of meals out, or go for a few drinks. Mornings begin a lot earlier, we can't sit in all day watching box sets and time to ourselves is usually snatched after 9pm when Baby is asleep, everything is finished and neither of us has fallen asleep on the sofa!

I returned for a full week of work before the end of the summer term and found it to be the most difficult thing emotionally I have had to do since becoming a Mummy. Leaving the baby with a childminder and functioning without her was so foreign to me. I missed caring for her, I hated the thought of her crying and not being able to comfort her, someone else feeding her, changing her and putting her down to sleep. Yet, returning to work I felt  like a small piece of myself pre-mummy was awakened. The creativity my job demands, the stimulation of adult conversation and the enjoyment I get from doing my job and knowing that it is an important job was refreshing. 

It raises an interesting conflict within myself and a debate that many Mum's today struggle with; we really do want it all, we want to be with our babies and we want our careers. I spent a great deal of time and money acquiring a Degree and a Masters; my job is truly a passion, I enjoy it. Yet, if given the chance would I just stay home and be a Mummy? 

This year I have reduced my hours to working three days a week and have spent more recent weeks fretting about our finances. Things are certainly going to be on a tight budget; Christmas will not be the extravagant affair it has been, trips and visits will be a rarity. Money will be tight and our choices will be fewer. I make this decision knowing all of this, fully aware that I will miss the buzz of work, that time with my baby will be precious; spent at home just the two of us, that I will still cry when I leave her and be consumed with guilt when she cries when I go to collect her. I will miss out on a lot, I will gain time with my baby and yet will still feel unsatisfied. 

Feminism brought many developments, one being that women didn't have to envisage a life in an apron, keeping house and raising children. Careers were no longer out of reach and yet now a life at home is no longer an option for many women today. Instead there is an internal struggle between what we want and what we can afford. When I think about it our choices are not all that much more advanced and for many women cutting hours is not even an option. Perhaps we can't have it all?

Stay Happy!

My week in pictures #12 by Heather Griffiths

This week has been a bit of a blur really I've been getting some menacing headaches. Martha went for a little drop off session with her childminder ready for September when I return to work full time again and I'm excited to see the Autumn fashion coming into the shops, definitely my favourite season for clothing. Here's a little of what we got up to this week...........

I took Martha May for her first swim with my sister in Chester. Aled and my Dad came to watch. She absolutely loved it she was kicking her legs, floating around in her little inflatable seat and played in the little fountains. There are no pictures allowed in the pool so here is a picture of Martha shouting in this little seat after her swim, while we were getting changed!

Haha Im strapped to a seat on the wall!

We didn't do a lot of swimming, but I was absolutely shattered! Martha was too, she crashed out and slept in her pram (a fairly unusual occurrence these days!) We all went to Costa and I maxed out on Chocolatey goodness! By the way Costa what has happened to your delicious Brownies? My sister and I would like them returned ASAP please!


We also went for a look in the big Mothercare and I just had to buy this little robe for Martha - How adorable! The weather is definitely getting a little chilly here and she is so snuggly in it!

Little Martha trying on her new robe in Mothercare

I had my hair done and chopped off a lot of the length, it was in need of a serious fresh start. I haven't had it cut since the baby, so there was some serious split ends. Here is me before the big chop!

Pre chop - I forgot to take a picture afterwards!

Martha went for a little drop off session with her childminder, she is far more aware now and wasn't very happy when I left her. She cried her heart out when I went back to get her - tough times ahead come September....Aled and I went to a local cafe for tea and cake - look how excited he is!

Spiced apple cake

Hope your having a good week - see you for the blog on Sunday at 6pm!

Stay Happy!

I want to do it! by Heather Griffiths

If Martha could talk this is no doubt what she would be saying every time we sit to eat! She has taken to little bouts of frustration at mealtimes, knocking the spoon out of my hand and desperately trying to get involved. At 8 months, she is not yet able to use a spoon, so whenever she can feed herself, I try to give her the opportunity. Of course quite a lot ends up on the floor, a lot all over herself and quite a bit is consumed! Se is becoming very dextrous and honing her skills on self feeding.

This bowl is an ingenious little device that helps to keep things under a little more control and Martha is so delighted every time she gets to use it, which is currently at breakfast and lunch. The bowl is split into two; the base has a little lever which when pressed down secures the suction cup to the table, the bowl then clicks into place on top. The bowl is very secure and as yet has not been prized from the table. The little rubber handles help Martha to grip with one hand and delve into the bowl to retrieve the food with the other.

The base and bowl

The bowl and base fixed to the table

The bowl and suction cup does take a bit of faffing around with at first, there is definitely a knack to getting it secure on the table. This may be an explanation for some of the more negative reviews for this product. However, once you have solved this little issue I have found it to work very well.

Martha is perfectly content feeding herself and it creates a far more contented baby during mealtimes. If your little one is at this stage I highly recommend the Unbelievabowl suction bowl! It is available from Boots for £4.99

Stay Happy!

The Liebster Award by Heather Griffiths

I have received three of these nominations and haven't responded yet, so today I am combining all of them into one post! The rules of the Liebster Award are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated

2. Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you

3. Nominate another blogger and set 11 questions for them to answer

4. Provide links to the bloggers you nominate

Thankyou to the bloggers who nominated me; Tinyfootsteps, Whatkatysaid and Carol Clarke Blogs - All lovely ladies with fantastic blogs!

Ok, here we go, all questions combined - First, Carol's questions.....

1. What is your favourite film?

Tough question I like a lot, the Sherlock Holmes films, Batman films, Ted, Taxi Driver, Shutter Island.....

2. One item of clothing you can't live without?

My ankle boots I live in them.

3. Do you have a hobby?

Playing the piano/ singing.

4. Do you drink enough water daily?

No and I should, I get bad migraines!

5. What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

You are responsible for how you feel (said when someone had really upset me.)

6. What is your favourite book of all time?

Oh gosh, so many, I love anything by Ian McEwan and Murakami

7. If you could have been born at a different time when would it have been?

Sixties - without a doubt, the fashion; oh the fashion, the music, such an exciting time of change.

8. What is your food guilty pleasure?

Chocolate (in ridiculous quantities, consumed in one sitting usually.)

9. What is your favourite brand of makeup?

I have a lot, but for all round I guess MAC 

10. Do you get the recommended seven hours of sleep every night?

I have an 8 month old who doesn't really do sleep - so no!

11. Favourite childhood board game?

I was never really into board games; my sister had Don't Wake Dad and Guess Who which I usually played with her.

Katy's questions.......

Q1. If you were a biscuit what biscuit would you be?

Haha love it! One of those german biscuits with 3 times more chocolate than biscuit!

Q2. What was the last (non-kiddie) movie you watched?

Good Will Hunting (in tribute Robin Williams on TV - My husband had never seen it!)

Q3. Have you ever broken a bone?

I haven't (touch wood)

Q4. What does a normal day in your life look like?

At the moment: baby, housework, shower, baby, makeup, baby, food, playing, baby, walking, Peppa Pig, blogging/ vlogging, baby baby baby.....)

Q5. What TV program represents your childhood?

Hmmm not sure really, I loved a program called Round the Twist (set in a lighthouse!)

Q6. What has blogging taught you?

To open up a lot more and that there is a wide community of mum's with lots to say and discuss - it's amazing!

Q7. Do you cook? If so what is your signature dish?

I love cooking! I don't really have a signature dish, but I love cooking from Nigella's Christmas book, I make her stuffed Pumpkin and Ginger Glazed Ham every year.

Q8. Who was the last person to make you laugh? Why?

My husband Aled; He was trying to distract the baby when she was crying and he was dancing to the music from her singing teapot with a little tambourine!

Q9. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

I've always been a good girl!

Q10. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would love to go to America (especially New York/ Washington DC)

Q11. What is your dream?

To be happy!

And finally Jenna's questions from Tinyfootsteps.....

Q1. Would you say that your a superstitious person?

Not really, my mum is though!

Q2. What and where was the best meal you've ever had?

The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel in Cheshire - it's where we got married and we went back for a meal after Christmas last year. I had the biggest, most tender steak with fat chips and an amazing Creme Brûlée with handmade honeycomb, marshmallow and strawberries.

Q3. Who was the last person to send you a text message? (and if you don't mind sharing what was it about?)

My Mum - she was shopping in Liverpool and asked what colour headband she should buy for Martha.

Q4. We're hanging out at a bar and it's my round - what's yer tipple?

Dry white wine please  - a large - always!

Q5. How has motherhood changed you?

A lot - it has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but without question the best!

Q6. What is your fondest childhood memory?

I have a lot, I have many happy memories; Christmases, Family Holidays, playing out in the garden on summers nights....

Q7. Which band/artist have you been listening to the most lately?

Mumford and Sons, the 1975

Q8. Growing up who was your idol?

My Mum

Q9. What's the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

 When I had just started High School I got on the wrong bus home, when I realised I had no idea where I was I started to cry, the bus driver was so kind he drove the empty bus across town to right near my house and dropped me off - that was not his route, not sure that happens often.

Q10. Do your friends and family know about your blog?

What do they think about it? They do, they like it, we don't live near our family so it's a nice way for them to see our family and keep up to date with what we're up to.

Q11. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that your blog readers probably don't know. 

I have a Masters in Shakespearean studies.


Phew - I did it! I nominate:


Mrs Meldrum



Here are my questions:

Q1. What is the most precious thing you own?

Q2. Where is the best place you have ever visited?

Q3. What is your guilty pleasure?

Q4. What book are you currently reading?

Q5. What subject at school was your favourite?

Q6. What is your pet peeve?

Q7. What was your favourite childhood toy?

Q8. What is your holy grail skincare item?

Q9. Do you have any siblings? How many?

Q10. How long have you been blogging?

Q11. Who are your favourite bloggers/ YouTubers?

Thanks for reading - if you made it to the end of this loooooong post! Don't forget to check out the lovely ladies who nominated me.

Stay happy!



Mum's through the decades #2 by Heather Griffiths

My last post in this series was quite popular so I thought I would continue, this week the answers are from my Mother in Law Margaret:

Q: What was it like growing up as one of nine children?

A: Noisy but happy, plenty of company and play mates.

Q: How did you feel when you first became a mum?

A: Excited but it was frightening. Hoping i would do everything right for the baby. And very tiring.

Q: What did you learn from your Mum about being a Mum?

A: She was always there for all of us no matter what and we all carried that for our own children. She always gave good advice on cooking and sleeping; she passed on a lot of her techniques.

Q: How do you think the Mums of today differ from the Mums of your generation?

A: Mothers today have to work and we didn't, I think that is quite difficult. Everything is different for Mums of today, the advice is always changing - Mum's today do things differently and are more cautious.

Q: Were all of your pregnancies similar?

A: They were, I had no morning sickness with any of them, I was very lucky. The birth's of the boys were similar, the last was the worst. With my daughter - she was back to back which made it a difficult delivery.

Q: What advice would you give to all the Mum's who read my blog?

A: The only advice I can give is enjoy your children, they grow up fast. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it.  

I hope you enjoyed her answers!

Stay happy!

My Mother-in-law at a family wedding

My week in Pictures #11 by Heather Griffiths

The weather has been bonkers this week! Torrential rain, sunshine and hurricane winds - leaves us stuck indoors and struggling for things to do! Here's a little of what we got up to this week.

Martha May is standing confidently and she is into everything, lately getting into my bag and messing with my things.....

I love her Peppa Pig T-shirt

We played with some new bubbles that my mum bought that actually have her name on!



We went to Aberystwyth and wandered around our old uni campus, things have changed a little; we went for lunch at the Art Centre....

Laughing with Mama

Laughing with Mama

Aled makes awesome pancakes and this week he made these beauties - oh so delish!

Banana Pancakes with blueberries and Maple syrup....

See you for the vlog at 6pm on Sunday!

Stay happy!

Splish Splash! by Heather Griffiths

If your familiar with Mama and Baby Bear you will know that Mama has got a healthy obsession with Penguins....for all things penguin in fact! Last Christmas my mum and sister gave me Penguin PJ's, a Penguin Blanket, a Penguin Jumper, socks, a mug......yeah I have a thing for Penguins! 

Last time my sister came to visit she bought some things for Martha conveniently a bath toy because I had being talking about Martha May's lack of entertainment at bath time and just take a look at this little beauty.......


Agh - the cuteness! The Penguin Activity Centre by Carousel. This brightly coloured little chap fits to the wall with suction cups, you can pour water through the head which filters through the rest of the cogs and wheels making it all spin and tip. Martha is utterly delighted with it! She gets so excited when the whole thing starts to move!

Another feature which Martha is utterly obsessed with (and I might add refuses to let go of at the end of bath time) is the little detachable pink sieve that hangs neatly off his fin. This has certainly livened up bath time and I would thoroughly recommend it!

See you for the Vlog this Sunday!

Stay Happy!