What's so good about being a dad? by Aled Griffiths

What's so good about being a dad?

Maybe your a dad to be or you have recently become a father, and the late nights / early morning feeds seem tough. Here are some of my reflections on being a dad for almost a year.

1. No matter how bad things get at work or in life you can depend on there being a little some body there to cheer you up by being just awesome.

2. You can be the funniest person in the world, no matter how lame you might think you are.

3. You have a very important job - and that makes it all worth it.

4. You learn to deal with new challenges, but the challenges change all the time.

5. You are one half of a team, you have to be there for your partner.

My daughter and I

A winning combination by Heather Griffiths

Ok, if you regularly read my beauty posts you will know that the hunt for a good foundation saga has been ongoing for some time. I have been trying samples galore and have yet to find the right shade, longevity, consistency.........

Enter Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. This has a very lightweight and very liquid consistency. It has a natural finish leaning more to the dewier side of things. This foundation reminds me of NARS Sheer Glow but with more coverage. It does need some working in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, but once thoroughly blended, it leaves a lovely sheen to the skin without the shine. On my sensitive skin this does not irritate or breakout. I wear shade 2 which is a perfect match for my pale skin (the shades available in this range are extensive.) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is available for £35.50.

This is where the magic happens; as it is a little dewy, it needs a setting powder. However, I don't favour an overly powdered look and often skip powder altogether when I can. The perfect powder for 'girls who don't like powder' has to be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. I have the shade Diffused Light . It has a wonderful luminosity, gentle reflective pigments and it really gives a glow and perfect finish to the skin. It is so light and does not give that overly powdered, dry or flat look to the skin, as with many other of the traditional powders. It catches the light beautifully and really gives that 'lit from within' glow. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder available for £38.00.

A word of caution on the Ambient Lighting Powder: it is luminous and although it's not quite a highlighter I feel it does emphasise large pores or imperfections. Also, a little really does go a long way, a gentle hand is best to avoid looking overly 'luminous.'

So there we have it, the perfect combination, I love the way these two products work in conjunction and have been wearing it non stop since I discovered it!

What are your favourite foundations?

Stay Happy!

Autumn Baby Haul by Heather Griffiths

I recently picked up some new items for Martha from one of my favourite baby clothing ranges: Next. Martha is now in age 6-9 months and she needed some Autumn wear now the days are getting chillier.

If you want to see some more of the items I picked up head over to my YouTube channel for the full haul with a few additional items

I have also pictured a few items that my Mum recently bought Martha (she bought socks, vests, tights, a coat and so much I couldn't photograph it all so I just picked a couple of things for this post!)

Lovely Autumn outfits

Cat print leggings and patchwork tunic Next

Cat print leggings and patchwork tunic Next

All in grey from Next

Also to be worn with the grey leggings.....

Long Pink tunic from Next

Dress from Debenhams (sale)

Primark leggings and long sleeved top

Hope these outfits gave you some inspiration, I love them!

Stay happy!


My week in pictures #19 by Heather Griffiths

Wowza! the weather has been bonkers, the tail end of the hurricanes meant Baby Bear and I have battled through the early morning torrential rain, crazy winds and painful hailstones! (I do not enjoy!)

I have been feeling in a very reflective mood as Martha is approaching her first birthday; I am a bit of an emotional mess to be honest! More on that in upcoming posts, here's a little of what we got up to this week.....

Martha is already dextrous but lately she climbing....look at her little delighted face! She was so happy when this box of nappies arrived...

so happy

I have my autumn decoration around the house and Martha is obsessed with this sparkly light up pumpkin. She loves it when I turn the lights off and let her just mess around with it. Excuse the blurry photo but she was very excited and the light was not the best.

Ooh the lights.....

With this crazy weather this is my look lately!

Rainy days are here

Rainy days are here

Mine and Martha's standard lunch I am loving this salad with blue cheese and hummus.


I have been on a baking spree after watching one of Vivianna does Makeup's vlogs. I made a super tasty, vegetable charged, protein soup and a Salted Caramel Apple Crumble and they were both soon good. Such necessary comfort food in this weather.

Salted Caramel Apple Crumble mmmmmmm..........

Hope your having a great week,

Stay Happy!

Pixi glow.....no! by Heather Griffiths

Having recently finished my beloved REN Clarifying toner (now renamed Clarimatte) I was in the market for trying something new. If you are familiar with my blog and YouTube channel you will know that I preach the gospel according to Hirons. If you are not familiar with Caroline Hirons and her blog and fanatical about skincare go and take a look. She is honest, frank and hilarious - not to mention reading her blog has changed my entire approach to skincare. Many of her recommendations have literally saved my skin, so having trawled religiously through the options I decided to give the Pixi Glow Tonic a whirl.

Pixi Glow Tonic has become a cult beauty product and comes with many a 'glowing' review. (I honestly had no idea how amazing that pun would be till after I wrote it.) Let's take a look at the product and it's claims.

Pixi Glow Tonic

This amber coloured toner had an interesting but not overpowering scent. It sank into the cotton pad fairly quickly and I found I had to use a little more than usual to get a wet enough pad for a decent swipe.

The claims:

Oxygenating. Exfoliating facial glow tonic. It helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. It removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skin. For normal to dry, aging and sensitive skin. Alcohol free.

Oh Pixi Glow... with all of your rave reviews and your promise of clearer brighter skin, with no nasty alcohol content.... I wanted so much to love you. For my skin this was simply a disaster - it started with frequent breakouts, in places I don't normally get breakouts, then it moved on to large, cystic (not breaking through the skin) lumps and it ended with one angry and inflamed face, that weeks later is still recovering. The bottom line? There is obviously a reason this product is loved so much, clearly it does wonders and lives up to the claims for a lot of people, for my sensitive skin it was far too much, it dried out and aggravated it. Sadly, a thumbs down on this occasion.

Pixi Glow Tonic is available from Pixi Beauty for £18.00

Have you tried and loved Pixi Glow?

Stay Happy!

It's Monday Mamas! by Heather Griffiths

Happy Monday! It's time for a much overdue BOOTD! Here is my little pumpkin all cosy in her Autumn attire.....

Top/Dress John Rocha - a gift from when she was born (it's in size 6-9 months and she just fits into it.)

Knitted Leggings - Primark (last years winter sale - snatch up those bargains when you see them!)

Socks - Primark

I love this outfit on Martha - completely function at keeping her snug as the months get chillier and still looking so cute!

What are you favourite Autumn baby outfits?

Stay Happy!

My Baby Bear