Lancome Grandiose Mascara

When it comes to mascaras I am a picky customer. I have sensitive eyes and the fragrance/ingredients can make me an eye watering mess, not to mention that I have quite long lashes and can get those funny cartoon flecks on my brow bone (not attractive come the end of the day.) I recently had some accumulated Boots points (and a big old voucher) to spend. I decided to try something new.

Although I didn’t stray far! I have long been a fan of of Lancome Hypnose; it performs well, lengthens, doesn’t irritate my eyes and no smudges. However, I have always felt the volume was somewhat lacking. So I went in search of the much talked about Lancome Grandiose which seems to have some people torn.

Can we just talk about this packaging?! Unbelievably fancy and the swan neck wand also seems a little extravagant. In my opinion, the wand isn’t the making of this mascara, in fact it took a little getting used to. This mascara just has a fantastic formula! It simply does it all; volume, length and thick black lashes with no transfer. My bottom lashes transfer but honestly the only mascara I have found to cope on my bottom lashes is the clinique bottom lash and I think I will probably use that forever!

At £24.50 it is obviously high end, but I have to say for me it is just so hard to beat!

Have you tried Lancome Grandiose?



Timeless beauty

Hi everyone,

If your a longtime reader you will know I am prone to a little giddiness over pretty things…..and oh do I have something pretty to share today! When it comes to jewellery and accessories I want quality and a timeless, classic design.  I love a good watch and the latest offering from Olivia Burton is just simply stunning…..

OB15CGM55 Midi Chrono Detail Dusty Pink and Gold L115


Swoon! Lets just all take a moment to soak that up!

Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings are the design duo behind Olivia Burton, a brand they decided to create when they could not find a watch that fulfilled their style needs. It was founded in 2012, mixing catwalk designs with vintage style; the result? Just lovely!

Following the highly popular Big Dial Chrono range, this is the Midi Dial Chrono, with a smaller face design. I love the contrast of the soft pastel and neutral strap, against the vintage style, detailed face. It comes in three different designs Dusty Pink/Gold (pictured above), Mink/Rose Gold and Grey/Rose Gold.

OB15CGM56 Midi Chrono  Detail Mink and Rose Gold L115


OB15CGM54 Midi Chrono Detail Grey and Rose Gold L115


I am utterly in love with the Mink/Rose Gold and Pink/Gold designs, such gorgeous combinations! They are available for £105 each (can I have all three please?) Olivia Burton currently only have the Grey/Rose Gold in stock, but I have tracked down all three on The Dressing Room but beware there is some serious beauty to behold on this site, with the full range of watches available. I may pop over for another little gaze myself….

Have you tried any of the Olivia Burton watches?





If you love a good candle….

I have a confession….I am addicted to candles! I love everything about them; the soft focus they cast, the gentle flickering flame, the delicious scents and the ritual of lighting one at the end of the day as we settle down for the night. I just love a good candle!

I paid for this with my own hard earned pennies; I just wanted to rave a little because they are just so lovely! A few years ago at The Royal Welsh Show I saw a little local company called Busy Bee candles and was intrigued by their products. The Royal Welsh is always packed and I ran out of time to go back. Recently, I looked them up on line and they have a really nice website packed full of the most delicious sounding scents you have ever heard of! My preference in terms of scent always leans towards the spicy autumnal or the foodie scents. These are mostly seasonal with other brands but I can get my fix from Busy Bee’s all year round!

Firstly, let’s just take a look at this little oil burner, I’m not normally the biggest owl fan but I just thought this was so adorable.



With a tealight candle underneath, you pop the ‘Magic Beanz’ on top and your set. The ‘ Magic Beanz’ melt down to an oil, filling the room gradually with the most beautiful fragrance.


These pack quite the punch and the ‘Beanz’ are listed on their website in terms of strength of fragrance. I picked quite the selection and so far I am loving ‘Buttered Popcorn’ and ‘Sugared Fig’ but I will work my way through the others.


I am absolutely in love with this little guy and am finding myself excitedly returning from putting Martha down to bed, to choose a scent and light my candle.


Have you tried any of the Busy Bee’s range? Are you a self confessed candle addict (let’s share the burden!)

Stay Happy!



Running in Lavender

Happy Father’s Day

For the advice, the kindness, the unquestionable support, for going without so that we could have more; for giving us the happiest times, the smiles and the memories. For making us stronger, holding us close, teaching us what matters and making us the people we wanted to be. For holding our hands and raising us well….THANKYOU.

Happy Father’s Day!





For holding us together, for being strong and for the unconditional love. As a husband and Father you are everything I had hoped for and more.


Martha’s 18 Month Update

I have officially been doing a monthly update for Martha for a full year! On my first update she was 6 months old and I can’t quite believe my baby is now 1 and a half years old (sob sob!) Martha is so much fun now she is her own little person; strong willed, determined, funny and such a happy little girl.



Daily Routine

Martha was very unsettled after her time in hospital and her throat infection dragged on for weeks. She was not sleeping well at all and we have been battling through. Only recently, she has started sleeping through again. She seems to be cutting back on her morning nap (especially at the childminders) and is generally doing one and a half to two hours.


Bedtime Routine

We still stick to the same routine with Martha. She has her tea and then goes for her bath at 7pm. I brush her teeth and am having to wash her hair a little more often (it is getting so long!) Then its lotion, pjs, milk and asleep by 7:40pm. Martha is still very good about going in her cot awake (but sleepy) and falling asleep without fuss.



If I could summarise Martha’s attitude to eating this month it would be: fussy. She likes something one day and not the next! We are just pushing through it and hoping she just decides to like her meals again, in the meantime it is very frustrating! She has even turned down banana (that has literally never happened before….)



Martha is different sizes depending on the brand and the garment at the moment! In some brands she is 12-18 months and in some 18-24 months. She still wears Pampers size 4 and shoes in size 3.


Milestones, moments and likes….

  • Walking…everywhere and walking long distances she loves to walk holding my hand by her buggy
  • Lots of new words added ca-ca (cake) bag, boots, coat, car, door, keys, boo, mummy, daddy, bubbies (blueberries) and bubbles
  • Still loves to dance to any sort of music, especially her musical toys and the theme tune of Peppa Pig/ Ben and Holly
  • She still loves Peppa Pig but has recently got into Ben and Holly
  • Gives lots of hugs and kisses
  • Runs to greet me when I pick her up from the childminders, apparently whenever anybody rings the doorbell she runs to the door shouting “mummy, mummy”
  • In protest Martha throws herself on the floor, often lies down and sometimes goes completely limp when she doesn’t want to get in her buggy.



Stocking up!

I’m a city girl; I love the buzz of a city, the dynamic, the pace and the access to everything you want whenever you want. It’s a long story but now I live in the Countryside, in a little village in Wales. The pace of life is slow and easy, long country walks are our main activity and I have to admit I have come to love where I live. I am happy and content soaking up the countryside. The one thing I just can’t get over are the days when I need something and there is no option, let’s face it the spar or the co-op just don’t quite stretch to my needs (lack of options and over priced anyone?!)

This often leaves me glued to my laptop searching for decent deals and a reasonable delivery price. I made a new discovery this week which is just simply marvellous and will definitely be an essential in this household. Chemist direct is an online chemist and browsing their website not only do they sell absolutely everything but they sell some items in bulk (which when it comes to toiletries and baby products – for someone who struggles to get hold of things – is just fabulous!)

I placed an order full of essential items; the website was easy to use and was dispatched in startlingly quick time. Due to our location, deliveries often take a while, so this was very refreshing. As Chemist Direct is an online pharmacy as well as selling toiletries it also sells traditional pharmacy products. I placed an order for Doublebase (designed to treat eczema, as Baby B battles with her eczema and some fellow Mummybloggers had recommended it to me.) This was an item that needed to be checked by their qualified pharmacist, so a little form popped up upon checkout with a couple of questions to ensure it was appropriate.)


chemist - 1

Everything arrived well packaged and in great condition (no shower gel leakage!) Now to delve into my box of treats and stock up on our essentials.

As were a family there is a little something for everyone. Here’s what I bought:

  • Johnson baby shampoo 500ml
  • Radox Brazilian Fusion Handwash (limited edition)
  • Radox Muscle Therapy with black pepper and ginseng
  • Dove Original Deodrant
  • Sure Men Active (compressed)
  • Sudocrem (250g)
  • Arm & Hammer Advanced White Toothpaste
  • Gillette Venus Breeze (4 blades)
  • Gilette Mach 3 (4 blades)
  • Oral b medium all rounder toothbrushes
  • MAM Night Dummies (Martha is so fascinated by their ability to glow in the dar!)
  • Doublebase Gel (500g)


* Chemist Direct kindly invited me to try their service – I was not paid for this review and as always all opinions are my own* 

Happy birthday to us!

My little blog has turned 1 year old! It was actually a couple of weeks ago but with the chaos of the last few weeks I completely didn’t realise! I started this little blog when Martha was about 6 months old. I was on maternity leave and those 6 months had been the most difficult/ terrifying/ amazing months of my life. I live in a rural area, it’s fairly deserted in the day, days of maternity would pass with no one to speak to. My recovery was very long and hard post birth, trudging up and down the hilly terrain was not always possible through the wind and rain.IMG_0520

I clearly remember setting up my little blog with help from my husband (he knows all the technical side) and I was utterly clueless! I posted a funny little first post about some gorgeous little headbands that had just arrived from Layniebug Designs and that was it! I was hooked and gradually throughout reviews, baby monthly updates, favourites and discussing the issues that Motherhood inevitably throws at us….I found my voice, my confidence in myself and my new role as a Mummy.

I have treasured the content so far; I feel it, like me, is constantly developing and I am pretty proud of myself for keeping it up sharing my life and pouring my thoughts into this little corner of the internet.

My YouTube channel followed a month afterwards and has also recently turned1 year old, I have posted a snapshot of our week, every week for a whole year! I am so grateful for those memories; I sometimes stop and wonder what I am doing and does anyone want to see this? The truth is even if no one else does I am doing it for us more than anyone else. Martha adores watching those videos and what a wonderful gift for all of us to treasure and look back on. I try to be as honest as I can be; I want Martha to see what we went through together, to see me as a young Mummy, see the struggles, the joys and know how loved she is.IMG_0523

I just want to say to anyone that watches my channel, reads my blog, sends me a message, talks things through, shares in the experiences we have as Mummy’s and has supported me – a huge big THANKYOU! Blogging and vlogging has given me so much, I have found my voice and it has made me appreciate what I have. Here’s to many more adventures, thank you for joining me on our completely ordinary wonderful journey.