One awful morning…..

It was a regular Thursday morning, Martha had had another troubled nights sleep, she had picked at her breakfast but drunk her milk. She had been teething off and on and so it came as no surprise that she wasn’t fussed with her food. She seemed quite hot so I stripped her down to her nappy, gave her some Calpol and we settled down to watch some Peppa Pig on the TV. She wanted to snuggle and so that’s what we did. We had been sat for about 10-15 minutes, I had my arm around her and she seemed content. She began curling in towards me and I thought maybe she was falling asleep, she was shattered after all. I looked down and realised instantly that something was wrong. Martha’s eyes were staring straight through me, her mouth was twitching and she was drooling badly.

Immediately, in complete distress I picked her up and phoned an ambulance. Whilst on the phone, giving our details and describing what was happening, Martha suddenly threw her head back, her eyes rolled up into her head and she began to convulse. Her mouth went blue and I began to fall apart. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. The emergency operator spoke very calmly and focused me on what I needed to do. I lay Martha down on the floor, on her side (although it was very difficult, as she did not want to stay there.) He told me to listen to if she was breathing (she wasn’t.)

At this point kneeling on the living room floor, in my pyjamas, Peppa Pig still playing and watching my baby fighting to breathe  I felt like the whole world was crashing around me. We live in a little country village, during the week days there is not a soul to be seen during the day, Aled works an hour away, there was no one to call and no one to cry for help to. I sat helplessly stroking Martha’s head and talking to her. Suddenly, she made an odd noise, jolted and was sick several times. She began to breathe again to my utter relief. She brought her hands up under her chin and sat twitching and jolting her head back gently.

By this point, I was trembling so severely I could barely function. Between talking to Martha and constantly asking how long the ambulance would be it felt like an age had passed, in actual fact it had only been about 10 minutes. Suddenly, a knock at the door and the first response had arrived, to the relief of us both Martha let out a cry and then proceeded to scream in distress for a full 20 minutes. First response took her temperature, which was chronically high and also took a blood sample from her heel to test her blood sugar (which was fine.) Shortly after, the ambulance arrived, I took Martha upstairs to clean her a little (we were both covered in vomit) and we were rushed to A&E. I phoned Aled; he came straight from work and met us in the ambulance bay. We were quickly rushed through A&E and sent to the children’s ward.


Martha was diagnosed with having had a Febrile Convulsion, which is caused by a very high temperature. It is not just a high temperature but one that rises incredibly quickly, which a baby’s body is not able to regulate, causing them to fit. Although it may look like the most horrific thing to witness, it does not damage the child in any way and the consultant described it as “the body hitting the reset button.”


That night I curled into Martha’s little cot bed; she was so distressed and could not settle. As she lay sleeping I watched her and overcome with the shock and realisation of what had happened to us that morning, I cried and cried.

Martha has made a good recovery, although her throat is still bad. She is low on energy and still off her food, but her fever went after 24 hours. No one had ever mentioned a febrile convulsion, I had never heard of it, I had no idea that it was something children did. Apparently, it is very common, especially amongst the 18 month to 5 year age range. I have struggled with the emotional aspect of what happened, blamed myself (even though I am aware I did nothing wrong) and am still haunted by the memory of it all. It has not been easy to write this post and go into all of the details (yet again – lots of people have asked what happened.) It is hard not to be constantly worried about Martha now, my nerves have been a complete mess since it happened, but I know in time I will feel better.

Have your little ones ever had a febrile convulsion?

Please share your thoughts…..

Pinching the pennies part 2

Hi everyone,

So last week I delved into the financial impact of having a baby and this week, as promised, I wanted to share a couple of the ways that we have managed our way through.

Lets be honest – not spending is tough, regardless of your lifestyle, it costs to live and in the current economy it is difficult not to spend. Here are some realistic and simple steps that we took:

  • The first thing we did was sit down and make a list of all our outgoings, then we were able to identify where we may be over spending or where there was room to cut back.
  • Get better deals – We phoned our current providers and managed to whittle down some of our payments, if they want your loyalty they will offer you something else and if not then move that’s what we did and the bills are easier.
  • Shop online – We began placing our grocery shop religiously online, it arrives on time it saves us petrol money (we only have a small co-op and have to drive a good 20 minutes to get options in our weekly shop.) You are able to see exactly what you are spending, cater your shop to your budget and not get distracted by those ‘special offers’ where you buy things you never went in for! This also goes for clothes, nappies and beauty products, there are so many deals online and I will always hunt for discount codes before I checkout, it takes a little time but I can usually find a code that works.
  • Thrifty shopping for baby – We live in an incredibly wasteful society; people are throwing out excellent quality clothes, toys and all sorts of baby paraphernalia! I have found some absolute gems in charity shops; clothes unworn with labels still attached, beautiful wooden blocks untouched, a walker and so much more. Before you pay full price have a scout around local Facebook sites, car boot sales and charity shops.
  • Sell sell sell! – I cannot count the amount of things I have sold on eBay its mostly things from my collection rather than baby’s but I’ve sold lots from jewellery to shoes, to clothes, to makeup. I now have a far more streamlined wardrobe. I am still working on this and am only buying something when I sell something I no longer use. It has also bumped up our finances at crucial times.
  • Saying no – This is perhaps one of the hardest parts of saving those pennies, but once you are in the habit of stopping every time there is a potential expense and examining whether it’s necessary or more specifically whether you can afford it, it gets easier. Thinking do I really need this, not spending immediately and thinking on it goes a long way. We have also had to be very strict with ourselves in terms of eating out, taking trips or travelling too much. We were invited to 5 weddings this year and as much as we would like to go to all of them we had to put our foot down and just pick 2.

So there we have it! Do you have any money saving tips? Please share if you do!

Stay happy!

Heather x

Mami 2 Five

A little beauty haul

Why is it that things you use religiously every single day, absolute essentials, all decide to run out at exactly the same time?! Well, that happened and I had to do a little restocking! So I thought, why not film a little haul and show some of my absolute favourite products while I’m at at! Hope you enjoy.

Pinching the pennies

Babies are expensive – there is no doubt about that! I often used to wonder how something so tiny could be such a time consuming, costly little being. Now Martha is 17 months old and our lives have changed inexplicably, not just physically or emotionally, but financially as well. A baby carves a new lifestyle for it’s parents and often choice seems like a very distant luxury.

As I have mentioned before on the blog it only took 2(ish) months before I realised I was pregnant, I expected it to take a lot longer than that and so we found ourselves suddenly jolted into the reality that there is no extension on events, a baby would be here in approximately 9 months. Now, Aled and I both have reasonably good jobs, we are careful with our money and after our wedding had drained both mine and our joint savings, we had spent a year carefully rebuilding them. We were however, living in a two-up-two-down cramped little house that we rented and it was slowly becoming consumed by damp and mould! It was clear that we would need more space and better housing for our new arrival. We used our savings  and piled as much of our wages every month as we could, to put down a deposit on a lovely house.  We bought essential items for baby and were inundated with gifts from family and friends.

The house we moved into however, had not one scrap of furniture and apart from the broken bed from my teenage years and a knackered 2 seater sofa we brought with us from our rented house, we had nothing. It cost quite a bit to put basic furniture in place, not to mention moving at 20 weeks pregnant was not exactly ideal!

As my pregnancy days came to a close, so did my working days. Baby B arrived, the costs kept coming and my maternity leave pay gradually decreased. It became more and more difficult to make ends meet. Then came the torture of finding childcare in a rural area, where it is virtually non existent and a final decision to return to work part time at least for a year. We discovered we were no better off financially if I returned full time and would have to seek out several childminders to cover the full five days. This summer will mark a full year since I have returned to work; our finances have certainly troughed more than peaked and at times it has been extremely difficult to keep peddling  through it all.

We are of course all still in one piece and we are slowly coming through the other side. Money is undoubtably a touchy and somewhat stressful subject; since Baby B our lives have changed, of course they have and the joy we get from having Baby B in our lives makes it all worth while. We were prepared financially and yet it was not enough, it stunned me to see our finances struggle the way they have, but I guess that’s just one of the many lessons you learn as a parent. I can also honestly say, that regardless of what our lives contain, materialistically, I am happier (with less) but obviously so much more, than I ever have been.

This post is the first in a series; next week I’ll be posting some ways to get through the slump and how we have saved a few pennies along the way!

Stay Happy!

Heather x


Mami 2 Five

My favourite things

I was originally going to do a video for this tag, but I just can’t seem to find time to film a sit down video, also sleep deprivation is consuming me lately! So here we go, a few of my favourite things, the first three things that come to mind……

  1. Products –  Cleansing balm, facial oil and highlighter
  2. Food – Pasta, salmon and steak
  3. Places – Aberystwyth, Prague and Sorrento
  4. Things you’d miss – A hot bath, my cozy bed and my family
  5. Things you do when your bored – as a new mummy I don’t really have time to get bored!
  6. Things you do when it’s sunny – Go for a walk, have a picnic/BBQ and get Baby B’s paddling pool out!
  7. Films – Elf, The Goonies and Forrest Gump
  8. Songs – Jack Johnson Better Together (our wedding dance), OK Go Here it goes again and Blondie One way or another
  9. Brands – Topshop, MAC and Jo Malone
  10. Outdoor things that you like – Long walks in the countryside, sitting on the beach and sipping something bubbly on the patio
  11. Events – Christmas, Baby B’s birthday and summer holidays
  12. Cartoons – Peppa Pig (baby B has converted me!), Family Guy and The Simpsons
  13. Buildings – Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Charles Bridge in Prague and St Pauls Cathedral London
  14. Anything in everyday life – Tea, pyjamas and Baby B’s laugh
  15. Traits in any person – Honesty, kindness and humour
  16. Influences – My parents, my husband and beautiful photographs
  17. Drinks – Tea, Gin and a freshly squeezed juice
  18. Experiences – Becoming a mummy, marriage and completing my Masters
  19. Things to watch – Good theatre, Netflix and our vlogs (I love watching how Baby B has changed since we started)
  20. YouTubers – Shaytards, FleurdeForce and I Covet Thee

This post was fun to write and I hope has given a little insight into some of my quirks! I would like to nominate the lovely Jess from Mummyofboygirltwins, Aby from Youbabymemummy and Romeca from Beautybumpandme!


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